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Make it look good - Skin it with Wood!



Welcome to GarageSkins.com!  This amazing patented product is under final development and will be available late 2015.  We are currently seeking investment capital from accredited investors to move this product to market.  For updates on availability please email rickm@garageskins.com and we'll place you on the notification list.  NO SPAM!!  And we will never sell your email nor share it with future partners, just let you know once in a while what's going on and provide availability dates once we are close to market.  

To learn more about this new way to completely transform your home visit our YouTube Channel for videos on installation, measuring and other great information. 

We are targeting the following retail pricing:

2-car garage GarageSkins system:  $950
1-car garage GarageSkins system:  $499

Our GarageSkins™ systems allow you to transform the exterior of your overhead metal garage door in just under an hour.  Our DIY kits make it simple - just open the box, take the panels out in order, and attach directly to your garage door.  The rare earth magnets embedded in each panel attach your GarageSkins system firmly to your garage door immediately with no glue or screws needed!  Check out a quick install video here.

GarageSkins™ Real Wood Garage Door Overlay Systems-

  • Will transform any home to look like a custom-designed high-end residence.
  • Allow anyone to install the system in just under an hour with no modifications needed.
  • Will be available in several wood species to complement the architecture and design of any home.
  • Will be designed to interact with your existing framing and header so that no alterations are necessary to your existing structure.
  • Are just over one pound per panel, allowing installation on almost any modern overhead metal garage door.
  • Will magnetically attach to any standard metal overhead garage door, meaning no goop or glue needed.
  • Are indistinguishable from a solid-wood $10,000 garage door, meaning thieves won't be able to tell them apart from the real thing and will leave them alone.
  • Will come in a multitude of overlay designs to match the style of your home.Select either square or arched tops for each overlay pattern.
  • Will have optional WindowSkins™ for the upper panel that will allow your existing windows to still allow light in.  
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