Garage Door Overlay Systems


Works on any standard metal garage door, no need for replacement

Easy DIY installation

Lab-tested for durability in any climate

Real wood veneers, not cheap looking plastic

Magnetic attachment makes installation a "snap"


Real wood veneers make all the difference.  You can touch our GarageSkins overlays, run your hand over them, and you’d swear it was solid, dimensional wood.  Why?  Because it is real wood.  Even though it is only a fraction of a millimeter thick, it still looks and feels like a solid piece of lumber.

We vat-dye our veneer to mimic a variety of species.  Dyeing ensures that the color penetrates all the way through the veneer so that if there is a scratch or slight bump down the road, the color will be stable throughout.  It also allows us to mimic any wood color and species we choose!

Neodymium magnets (also called “rare-earth”) provide an amazing amount of force holding your GarageSkins overlays solidly onto your metal garage door.  They are even strong enough to reach through aluminum cladding and attach to the steel stretchers underneath.  The result?  Easy installation and permanent, dynamic adhesion.


GarageSkins, Inc. will manufacture and sell only the highest quality home improvement goods in a safe, clean atmosphere that encourages diversity, accountability, equality and open communication while ensuring strong profitability. We will provide the highest service standards in our every interaction with end customers, suppliers, retail partners and fellow team members.

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Designed to Enhance Almost Any Home

The garage door. Almost everyone’s got one, most ignore it … it’s just there. Over the years there have been some attempts in the marketplace to provide solutions to enhancing this boring large chunk of metal that stands so prominently on the front of millions of American homes.

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Real Wood Garage Door
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Faux Painting
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Screw-on Vinyl Windows
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Rick Medlen


Gary Kretz

Director of Manufacturing

GarageSkins, Inc. is in our pre-production phase!

We here at GarageSkins, Inc. are working tirelessly to complete the build-out of our 60,000 sq ft production facility in Post Falls, ID with a targeted beta launch scheduled for July, 2021.  Make sure to sign up on our wait list to be the first on your block to completely transform your home!


Our GarageSkins systems are in the final stages of development and will be on the market soon. If you want to keep up to date, please join our notification list! We send out periodic notices to members of our list to let them know how our progress is coming along. We never spam! But we will have some introductory specials when we launch our amazing Garageskins Systems into the home improvement market.

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