In 2005 Garageskins inc. Founder and product developer Rick Medlen had a modest home built in creswell, oregon and really wanted a nice, solid wood carriage house styled garage door. But the best price he could find was $8500, so he did what millions of americans have done, namely settled for a boring metal overhead door. But his engineering background kicked in and after several attempts, he finally hit on a great solution – real wood veneers bonded to very lightweight underlayments with incredibly strong rare earth magnets inset into the back to make it very easy for anyone to install.

Lots of engineering, prototypes and testing later, we are ready to go to market! Our utility patents are issued, and with 30 million steel overhead garage doors in the us alone, we are primed for great success and are ready to start transforming america’s neighborhoods one garage door at a time.

We are committed to manufacturing our amazing garageskins panels in the Pacific Northwest, bringing family wage manufacturing jobs to our economy. We have a strong plan in place, an experienced leadership team, and industry leading manufacturing advisors on our board. We are actively reaching out to investors and partners to move our new solution from the drawing board to reality.



Garageskins, inc. Will grow into a strong national entity that provides affordable, high quality home improvement products and delivers excellent value to our customers and investors.