Remember, we are not yet on the market and will have much more product and ordering information here as we get close to launch. If you want to be notified as we progress to market, please use the Sign-Up Form below. You will automatically be placed into our notification list.

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Due to current circumstances delaying our launch plans, we are temporarily halting pre-order deposits. Please sign up on the waiting list and we’ll get notification out once we have a firmer grasp of when we will launch. Thank you for your patience and stay safe!

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We are anticipating launching production in mid 2020.  With over 6,000 people on our waiting list eagerly wanting to be first on their block to add our GarageSkins overlay systems to their beautiful homes, you can secure your spot at the front of the line.  We are accepting refundable deposits of $25 to secure these spots.  Click below to send $25 to through Paypal and we’ll notify you weekly as to your place in line.  Thank you for your support!!

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