To begin production we are raising our Series Seed round, registered as a 506(c) exempt campaign that allows us to generally solicit investors without pre-screening for accreditation status. We assume that if you choose to engage, that you meet the definition of Accredited Investor as defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Furthermore, to satisfy the requirements of our 506(c) exemption, you will be required to certify your status of Accredited Investor before signing closing documents, either through an affidavit from your Certified Public Accountant, or through participating in a third-party vetting process.

We have soft-circled $150,000 of this $1,000,000 round. We will perform our first close once $250,000 aggregate is committed, and will post our progress here so that everyone can track that progress.

  • We have set a minimum investment level of $25,000 in this round. Please see term sheet below for details of our offering.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a meaningful part of bringing this amazing new concept to fruition and participating in what we believe will be a very profitable venture.

Rick Medlen, CEO
GarageSkins, Inc.

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