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GarageSkins, Inc. is launching a brand-new home improvement concept into the $400B marketplace, and our seed investors will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they had a meaningful part in this product’s success every time they see our product proudly displayed on someone’s home. Not to mention sharing in the very high-multiple exit we expect in our 4-5 year timeframe.

We’ve been working away every since this idea was conceived. To date we have:

  • Amassed a waiting list of almost 7,000 people eager to have our amazing systems enhance their homes (represents over $8M in initial potential revenue before launching any marketing efforts)
  • Taken 220 order deposits from people wanting to secure their place in line (over $260,000 initial orders just sitting waiting for product)
  • Secured 2 US Utility Patents (both issued)
  • Registered the GarageSkins trademark
  • Secured commitments from raw materials suppliers
  • Identified a 35,000 sq ft initial manufacturing facility in Post Falls, ID (on major rail/transportation)
  • Assembled a team of highly-connected and experienced leaders to steer our initial efforts.
  • Raised over $276,000 in Seed funding to complete product development and testing
  • Conducted 2 independent lab tests showing the stability of the product
  • Installed prototype systems in Oregon/Texas/Arizona, all functioning well

We are primed for success. All we need are investors who see the risk of investing in a pre-revenue company, but also see the incredible amount of work and planning that has gone into making sure that our plan is sound, executable, and most importantly that the market is of such massive size that the risk will be well rewarded.

The following pages will detail our journey, our offering through a pitch deck and term sheet, and will give a clear picture for you to determine whether we are a good fit for you. We know that this opportunity isn’t for everyone. But for the select investors that will grab this opportunity by the horns, a meaningful journey and high return awaits!

Rick Medlen, CEO, GarageSkins, Inc.

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Are you a select investor that will grab this opportunity by the horns and start a meaningful journey towards success? Contact Rick Medlen today.

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